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What is the Program in Experimental Surgery?
Dear friends, the International Program in Experimental Surgery started in April 2007. It includes 4 Courses/Workshops in Experimental Surgery. In order to follow this Program, you have to take part in all courses.
All courses are followed by exams.Course 1 was available for attending without taking an exam.Courses 2,3,4 are followed by an exam in an obligatory basis. If someone takes the course and does not take the exam, he/she cannot take a Certificate.
The Courses 1,2,3,4 are gradually becoming more difficult. 
The Certificate that is given in the end of the final (4th) course has the value of 4 courses and is useful for academic and professional use.

Who can participate in this program?
This program is useful for 

  • all medical specialties
  • veterinarians
  • biologists
  • nurses

What will happen in Experimental Courses 3 and 4?
These courses will be live Courses, will be held in Europe and will offer advantages for participants as free accommodation or with very low fee for accomodation (up to 30 Euros per day).
We will visit 2 Experimental Centers of Europe, and have the opportunity of  been educated by the best in Europe.
In the Experimental Course 3 only 20 participants will take place & and in the 4th only 12 participants wil take part.

What is the value of this program?
The Certificates have the value of the CME credits given that will be offered from the International Journal of Medicine & the Experimental Medicine journal in collaboration with the Universities that take part, and according to the Guidelines of UEMS(Union of European Medical Specialties).

Who is teaching?
The Scientific Board and the detailed Scientific Program will be announced in 18 December, 2007, because we do NOT wish to be copied again.
The copy of our project will have passed by then,as will it be held in Athens in December 2007, and we will be able to publish our program online.

Does this Program give CME credits?
The Experimental Course CME Course No2 will give 17 CME Credits.

What information  can you give me about my gift/ the subscription in Experimental Medicine journal?
This journal will be published in December 2008, and we will offer it  you as a gift. 
The 1-year subscription in this journal is 75 euros.
For more information, please send a letter to

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